Saturday, January 30, 2010



Found some early Herbie comic books for cheap.

Dunno Herbie? here:

I first heard about Herbie as a boy through an excellent retrospective in an issue of Comics Scene magazine (an early ish, when that mag was good). It sounded like the best comic book ever! But hard to find, especially in Northern B.C. where I lived.I pored over that article again and again soaking up this Herbie character.
There's been reprints since, even pricey hard cover volumes with so-so reproduction. But they're missing some of the neat other stuff by Shea and Whitney that went into each issue of Herbie. A shame as Herbie feels like a fever dream, we are lucky it ever existed at all! Here's some never reprinted items from issue 2:

If you own the rights to these images and want them removed, let me know and I will.


by Michael DeForge said...

where'd you find them? i'll probably pick up the collection eventually, but i'd love to find copies cheap if they're floating around the city

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Oooh, and reveal my source for everyone to see? I only found a few and grabbed them all but need more! When I saw them in the past at cons they were 20 bux a pop(necker) but these were pretty dang reasonable! It was a bookstore on Yonge.

by Michael DeForge said...

ohhhh nice! yeah, this material seems like the sort of thing that i'll have to settle for reading in trade, just so my wallet doesn't take too huge a hit. for some (probably irrational) reason i like hunting down individual issues more

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Well, i bought the over-priced first volume archive and it didn't have that extra neat stuff! It didn't reprint everything! I scoured the web for it to no avail. In finding this material I felt I had to share with everybody as it deserves to be seen.
I prefer having the actual comics myself as well, sitting and reading them without crap reproduction quality. Alas, alas.
I'll post more never-before printed Shane O'Shea and Ogden Whitney material- until some good soul actually does reprint it! But first, I want to show examples of a lost inspiring zine that i am posting right now!