Thursday, August 6, 2009


Photo still by Jessica Eaton from the upcoming feature "Leslie My Name Is Evil."


ammacinn said...

Ooh. If this film is in the VIFF, I want to talk to you and Reg for some paper or other. (The big established one that has gone kind of straight, or the skinny little upstart, say).

And by the by: Richards on Richards has been demolished, to build condos. The liquor license has been transferred to a new spot being built in the hull of A&B Sound, which may or may not have anything to do with Dale at Noize To Go getting chucked out. Oh, and - heh - The Cobalt has been given 60 days notice to clear out. And do you have the HST over there? (Harmonized sales tax, adding taxes to things currently without).

Plus I have mice and bedbugs.

An article (not by me) on the impending Cobalt closure:

What's rent like, over there, anyhow?

Yr pal,

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Oh mannnn...I heard! I also heard that if you so much as stand up to pedal your bike you could get a ticket! My girlfriend has to go back and I seriously thought about it but all of my pals are telling me how horrible Vancouver is! It's making me feel lousy. There's no options for me there!
You have bedbugs? I am so sorry! That is the worst!
I pay 700 a month including utilities for a quiet bachelor apartment in the so-called rough part of town (it's really not).
"Leslie..." got into TIFF and hopefully it'll get into VIFF but I doubt it's anyone's budget to fly me out sorry to say.

the iron chic said...

My nightmare.....
I would burn my bed..then my apartment.
Then myself.
Vancouver's getting a bad rap lately. Holy!