Thursday, August 6, 2009


...say the signs all over town and I cry because I am tooo old....tooo old...too pudgy....too bald.

But I really do need only two more male artists for the project that I have posted details of in a recent post. I have found more than enough female artists but I guess the boys are shy. And, no, one doesn't have to be nude for the shots, this work is not trying to do empty NYC skater-infused photo art circa 2001, that ain't the crux. The photos are for research purposes only.
I am still trying to determine if I should render these large drawings in pencil as a more 'fine art' thing to go with the theme of the show or in my usual pen-and-ink with possibility of watercolor. Feedback? thoughts? Since I am blogging i may as well get more intimate and interactive and ask you guys...
And if you know of any male artists let me know ASAP!

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