Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Time to update, say a tad 'something something' (that's cool kid lingo, which reminds me, lately when I'm going out for a lil derive with an accent on the second e, I've been targeted as 'hipster' by Queen Street drunkards which is funny to me cuz I've been pretty much the same for- ooh, should I age myself?- let's just say double digit years, what I'm saying is that I'm fairly set in my style, not exactly hip or keeping too au courant, tho I am into fashion-vain as all get out and floss regularly- in the sense that designer jeans are an oxymoron to me, but hey, man, if you got a cheque for me, sure, I'm a hipster...while you're at it, there's another word for me, too: it's whore).
Okay, I was just talking 'set in my ways' and, yes, it's good to stay true to your school and I am currently (currently? always) figuring out what to do. The big 'to do.'
Have to remember certain freedoms when frustrated.
No wife, no kids, no mortgage, no pool, no pets. These all make for one big YES of possibilities outside of such shackles.
Yes, there are plenty of loved ones but they are in Saskatoon and Vancouver and I have no desire to do Olympic mascot work at the moment.
Adrift. Adrift.

"I eat because I'm frustrated. And I'm frustrated cuz I can't seem to eat enough."

I've been jotting down so many ideas for a book lately, mostly pen and ink with some writings, some new, some old, circulating around love and loss.
Fire under ass.
Who to pitch?
A big project may be the way to go. I've made albums, even starred in a movie, but never a book! Hmm......
I got together with two of the funniest lads in TO to plan a project. All I can say is I also need to think another way for this project, in terms of brevity, punchy funny, may have to go through the old files to get started.
And, nope, still no takers on that Canned Hamm Christmas show, what can I say? I'd love to do it and we're well worth it but if they don't want it, they don't want it.


Julian said...

Your statement: "we're well worth it but if they don't want it, they don't want it" kinda reminds of George W. Bush's "Yer either with us or with the terrorists". Of course people want it. But people are hard-pressed enough to get off the couch and venture out to a performance let alone rallying around Xmastime and help put together a show. Now if we wuz the Little Rascals then that would be different. FYI: The Christmas episode from the TV show Good Times (Season 5) also has the ghetto rallying to put on a fundraising show. Bookman does a great Tony Bennet!

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Are you comparing me to Dubya? OUCH!
The Couve needs some Little Rascals so us Bookman types can shake that thing.

the iron chic said...

Ahhh I love a good Peanuts quote....
DJing our Christmas party will be your greatest achievment EVER!

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Maybe...just maybe....if that deejaying stint is my life's work, then what next?....what next....?

Anonymous said...

you should become a skateboarder

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

One of my personal stylists once said, "When will skateboarders stop ruining art?" Becoming a professional skateboarder would be a clever twist on that whole over-long 'skateboarders becoming artists' trend. A vice-versa.
Another possibility is to become a homosexual: is that an occupation choice? All of my lifestyle choices and aesthetics seem to point that way, you can't call me a breeder! I often feel rather 'other':isn't that normal human behaviour? Homosexuality is tempting but for one thing. I'm just not into guys! Even to skateboard, I'd have to hang out with guys all the time and listen to their talk of 'threshing' then guzzle ghetto beers and destroy everything I've worked towards the last three and a half years. No thanks. I want to talk fashion with the ladies and sip my mineral water.
I recently saw a man on a date- with a lady- he was talking hockey franchises to her and I thought to myself, "I am so thankful not to be him."