Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I haven't had too many comments of late, maybe I'm just not reaching the people, I dunno. Or am I just not provocative enough? Sigh. Should I undo another button? Again? I even lost a blog follower, who it was, I don't know but I lost one! In the blog world one follower counts for the opinions of two people!
So in the meantime I will recklessly self-promote in hopes that it will lower the tides of a very real depression (what else is new)...
My series of self-help booklets Y2K Compatible are slowly reaching the people. These booklets are intimate and VERY reasonably priced for the knowledge that they impart.

Now available in Bruno, Saskatchewan at All Citizens:

In New York City at Cinders:

In Toronto at Katharine Mulherin gallery:

And at This Ain't The Rosedale Library:

And just arrived at Art Metropole which is also selling the July Fourth Toilet vinyl LP, nicely written links here, here, and here!

The latest issue, #4/5, is the best issue and some places have previous issues but not that one, such as Le Pressier in Montreal, Luckys in Vancouver, and TO mail-order site Mish Mish...

I'd luv em to have the current ish but hey... If you want the current ish, even better. Drop me a line.


bitterbutnotbroke said...

Robert, here's a comment for you.
I enjoyed your Vancouver Mass Exodus story on Broken Pencil. I even 'Tweeted' it but for some very strange reason it disappeared off my grid (maybe because I removed the @addthis logo).
Being an artist who was born and raised in Vancouver I feel your pain. I've never been able to sell much here but have had a great deal of success in NYC, LA and London. I don't even bother with Van anymore.
From an artist's 'marketing' perspective, the folks outside of the rain forest (and Canada at that matter) enthusiastically soak up the fact I'm from Vancouver, 'It's so beautiful!' Sometimes I think they buy just because I'm from Vancouver. I gave up trying to find a 'scene' in Vancouver a very long time ago. Hell ya, I get pissed off and bitter with the overpriced golfing yuppie's real estate and downtown douche bags who probably moved here from somewhere else but isn't that what they're there for? Satire? Once one gets a grip on being 'based out of Vancouver' and having nothing else to do with it it's a little easier to deal with the dip shits. Forget about belonging to any scene here. They won't accept you until you've made it everywhere else anyway. Then they'll mock you. But of course you already know this.

PS ...and yes it's about selling stuff because that's what keeps me from having to whore myself out to a corporation.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Hmmm, coming to TO I am starting to think it's a Canada thing....
Going on tour with Canned Hamm we'd make up that we were from Moose Jaw until we realised just saying Canada made it novel for the audience...they still thought we were kidding!
I hope to sell stuff, alas, I have to get the odd survival job.
I ran into an old mentor of mine yesterday who is relatively successful as an actor (he was in town for the day shooting a movie) and he talked of having to get a survival job as well.
I said to him, "So there's no hope of me doing fiscally well at any of my passions?"
We kinda laughed, he chalked it up to the internet...
Hopefully I'll get some decent residuals for my recent role as a dancing price tag in an ad...
I don't feel a part of any scene really and moving to TO (where I am at for the now anyhow) has made me realise that I belong nowhere, I have no home.
You somehow found a way to get your art outside of your homebase, congrats! That ain't easy!
There is no magic formula but gawwwwd, I'd love to know it!
I am sure I know you personally but, alas, yer comment is pseudonymous....thanks for it all the same!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading, enjoying, but haven't been commenting. Hi!

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Phew! I'll make a new post then!

malstain said...

Hey, I am also a frequent reader and fan but haven't commented yet... we are out there!
As far as making money off your art, I have been struggling a lot with this dilemma lately... basically I've concluded that if you really care about it, you just have to keep at it... maybe someday money will come, maybe we'll die poor, but really, what the hell else are we gonna do?
Anyway hardly anyone makes money off their art and those who do (like some friends of mine you've met recently) have just as many problems as the rest of us (just not the one about being broke all the time, heh...)
Anyway stay strong, things will get better and it will be spring soon! (or so I tell myself!)

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

You are right, money isn't the top priority. If it was we'd all be in the stock market. But making some money would be nice. Working a full-time day-job and squeezing the important stuff (art and entertainment practice) in right now is really tough, ie. being sort of in demand but not enough to make a living at it so everything gets crammed! Man, when will I get to do laundry?
If I get a chance, I will make a new post as I saw a most inspiring Gary Panter lecture last week...
I think my depression may be gone or given a reprieve or was just sinus pain, I can never tell. Sometimes it is unavoidable but as one gets more experience, coping skills come more into play...