Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FEELINGS presents: Children's music edition, Tuesday May 24th!

TONITE! 9 pm- 1 am! sooo excited!
My collection of children's music is simply too large so I have selected the WILDEST stuff !!!!
There'll be cookies plus: a midnite candlelight Recitation by The Canadian Romantic!

Robert Dayton Junior presents: FEELINGS: Children's Music Edition
Yes, we will be getting way out and into the dementia of old Children's records with their technical innovations, free expression, and even their curious religious viewpoints!
Note: RAFFI free zone!
DJ Body Beautiful will spin the electronic wizardry of Raymond Scott and Bruce Haack; the production wildness of Spike Jones and David Seville; the charming grace and wit of Jim Copp and Ed Brown; the shoddy, drunken puppetry of Funtown; the fuzz guitar super hero themed explosions of The Super Dupers; the Christian country Chipmunks rip offs of Floyd Robinson's Charlie The Hamster and friends; the bubblegum glam of Rock Fantasy and Clyde The Guitar Playing Elephant; the anti-abortion messages of Little Marky...and more!

Note: this event is 19 and over, children shouldn't hear some of this music anyways...it's disturbing (especially Little Markie)
Projections and Prizes by Eyesore Video!
No cover but blankies!


salmongang said...

oh man... incredible!!!
wish i could've been there...

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

I wish you were, too.