Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Download Something For Everyone

Here I am 39...riding a cusp...freshly turned...and fully frustrated at the rate of 12 dollars/hr...ah yes, birthdays and thos eold frustrations come up as I ask, "What am I doing with my life?" Where to next, big boy? Gonna see if you can make things happen outside of anti-charismatic Canada? Good luck!Ha ha! Shit, got to do my gratitude list: okay, talent to spare (it'd be nice if backers noticed, like "Hellooo!" okay Robert enuff...), a sweet GF, I don't look hard done by, able to eat everyday, playing in a band that is sounding kick-ass (now if only the world can hear it...Robert, ENOUGH!...)...
I am archiving as much July 4th Toilet as I can. With the second album up, the first album "Something For Everyone" is finally up for 'pay what you like' (including free) download with reviews et al...
We recorded it with intent of making a warm pop album, to make people feel loved.
Listening to it now I'd say, it's a really great charming album with the only real weak spots being some of my vocals, sigh, it was my first album...I'd love to recut the vocals on a few of those tracks, c'est la vie, adds to the off kilter, enjoy:

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