Sunday, February 28, 2010


What are you doing this Friday? Coffee?

(from Herbie #4, 1964 by Ogden Whitney and Shayne O'Shea)

Here's some Herbie letters pages as well.

Poor Nellie, even aliens who've never before laid eyes on human beings don't find her attractive but why would they? They are aliens!.

But, in a certain light, she's kind of...cute. It might simply be a confidence issue.


by Michael DeForge said...

Hey man, I forgot to mention - thanks for the store recommendation a while ago! I got some good finds.

I haven't been able to track down any Herbie issues yet, but I keep running into those A+ reprints in dollar bins, and have been more than happy to settle for those!


Robert Dayton, Junior said...

What did you find there? Tell me!
That Benjamin Marra does amazing stuff! What is Diamond 5 ? I'll be reviewing his stuff for both the Roctober magazine (which isn't carried in TO but is available mostly in the USA) and blog. I review comics for them so if you have review copies of your stuff, I'd love to. Keith Jones and I were talking about you today, he said the stuff you have for your next comic is really amazing.
We hit a Con today. I trolled the cheap bins and found the last issue of Hex, a Big Boy comic by Manny Stallman (one of my fave artists), Robot Comics by Bob Burden, the first ish of the odd Esteban Maroto drawn Amethyst, Inhumanoids number one, Slash Maraud one and two, some Kirby Super Powers, the Kirby and Toth drawn Superman and Challengers of The Unknown DC Comics Presents, a Dick Tracy reprint with the character of The Brush who has shaggy hair for a face, the Adventures of Kool-Aid Man, some Steve Gerber written Mister Miracles and Defenders...phew...

by Michael DeForge said...

I got some of the Sienkiewicz Shadow run plus that issue Marshall Rogers and Kyle Baker drew, some of the Herbie reprints i mentioned and that Richard McGuire issue of Comic Art Magazine (which was only like 7 bucks or something? but without the Seth supplement that came in the original)

oh man, I was considering going to that con! i figured i should spend the weekend on work, but the whole time i could feel the nagging call of a room full of back issue bins.

diamond comics is a newsprint zine that jason leivian, from floating world comics in portland, edits:

they're pretty cool! i have a two page comic in #5, and did the cover to #4

i'll definitely give you some review copies of my stuff, also!

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Oh man, that looks great! I bet that Diamond Comics isn't carried by Diamond distribution! Are they easy to contact? I'd love to review their stuff and check em out to maybe eventually contribute stuff...
And, yeah, let's meet up, send me an e mail, I'm really curious about that Cold Heat thing ya did as well!
Man, Koyama Press seems to be doing some good stuff! I owe her/them an e mail.
That Shadow run was really great, Andy Helfer wrote a great series with that, so darkly funny, it contains my fave Kyle Baker art (pre-computer I think)apparently issue 20 was completed but never published and photocopies exist, I'd love to read it! I'd also love to find DC's Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #1 and 2, basically completed and unpublished DC Comics from their 1970s DC Implosion.
The Con consisted of a lot of rummaging but I found two copies of Joe Simon's Outsiders, one I convinced some cute gals binning next to me to buy, the other I gave to a pal as a 14th Birthday present (why? well, cuz if someone gave me that for my 14th Birthday I'd be verrrry happy): everyone needs that comic book. There was also some 70s Kirby as well. Outside of those 2 and 3 dollar bins, everything else that I would have wanted was priced pretty high, tho graphic novels were marked down...

by Michael DeForge said...

Yeahhh, discovering different eras in Kyle Baker's history has been great. I remember picking up those Justice Inc issues in a back issue bin around the same time I Die at Midnight came out in high school, and not even making the connection that it was the same guy til years later.

The Diamond guy shouldn't be too hard to contact. . . I can send you his e-mail on Facebook if it isn't already up on that link I posted (but I'm pretty sure it is.) Jason also edits the comics part of Arthur Mag's website!

I found the CCCs 1 and 2 on the internet somewhere, if you don't mind reading scans - They might still be floating around my harddrive if you're interested.

I'll shoot you an e-mail soon about meeting up, when I figure out what my week is like!