Sunday, February 21, 2010


Fucking sinuses. Head fucking hurts. Can't think straight. Fucking sinus pain. Tried sleeping but neighbour was talking. Head compromises my ability to convey but I'll do my best. Fuck!

I had sinus operation a coupla years or so like three ago. Weird asshole doc didn't tell me nothing. No bedside manner, uncommunicative prick. I thought I'd waltz in and out of there, all la di da-like. He drilled into my skull. Dazed. Deviated septum which is the excuse the Hollywood people use but this was real, nose bent out of shape from being pushed down by the redheaded girl when I was 7 y.o., I called her a cockroach, pushed me down to the ground, I lay in a puddle of my own little boy blood, she felt bad later probably, when she was 13 she got pregnant, 13 man, couldn't have had an easy life, whatever happened to her?, I was 7 in the hospital with my nose broken and I pulled out the long pile of thread which couldn't have helped my later sinus problems, later I'd pick at my nose a lot and it'd bleed, a mattress that looked like alien maps, my Mom would take me to get my nose cauderised (sic) to resolve the issue. They'd burn at the nostrils, close em up deep inside.

This more recent sinus operation with Doctor Prick? Piece of cake, right? My Mother was praying. My close pals Hamm and Mrs. Hamm picked me up from hospital ensured I'd be okay. Dazed. Then that woman I love, she's the ex now, she saw me in pain, that sweet redhead. Dripping sinus pain on her after operation and we'd only recently met then, test of a woman. Couldn't do nothing. But it helped the pain, her, the operation, I was no longer suicidal. My sinus pain used to get so bad that the physical pressure caused mental pressure: it was all LITERALLY in my head and I couldn't escape! The world looked worse to me, everything was worse than it was, dingy, ugly, listless, no use living when I had that pain or when I had those infections but after the operation everything mellowed. I still get pain.

Allergy shots, they help a bit over the long term apparently. So says the specialist who is special. The shots will help sinuses adjust to environmental changes. Sinuses are pockets of air in the skull that can be sensitive to pressure. The cold can be nasty on my sinuses. I first suspected barometric sensitivity ten years ago when I briefly dated a woman, not a redhead, who took me hitchhiking then took me plain ole vanilla hiking four hours up a mountain. We fucked at the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain! But I was listless. Why? Change in air pressure affecting sinuses caused me to be that way. I found it rather peculiar feeling like this, being at the top should be exhilirating! Alas, air pressure defeated me.

I'm in some pain now, not like before tho. Put all projects on hold. I hope it goes away soon as it hinders life enjoyment and being totally mortal I must squeeze as much fullness as possible out of life.

Hamm took this pic after my operation, I had three feet of gauze up each nostril.


Xenia said...

Omg you and Mark should talk about your noses, so fucked up, pinnacle of all suffering

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Really? I feel for him. Cuz I know! Sometimes body has energy but head can't move!

Serena Marie said...

Egad! You should try seeing my osteopath. Seriously. I bet he could help.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Really? $$$$ tho, right?
Sinuses are a tad better today, a tad, but now, for some reason, every time I move my lower back it gives me jarring pain, ie. standing, getting up, et al.

Robin K said...

Consider the Neti pot. It helps get the allergens out of your sinuses and it only costs $10.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Nasal irrigations are a good thing, they don't cure everything but they help.

the iron chic said...

I hate the words "neti pot."
Not sure why...

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Maybe it's cuz yer pal Netti was always high..hyuk yuk!
What about a Nellie No-Date pot?
Hey, lil lynchtime poll here: I use a Sinus Rinse squeeze bottle with saline instead of Neti Pot, is there a diff in quality? It was actually that aforementioned Dr. Prick who not only turned me on to it but made sure I healed up okay a month later and did a good job of the procedure.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

P.P.S. Not only was the weather messing my head and making me not be creative this past month but it also caused my joints to ache! Like an old man walking up a hill!~ the last day or so's been better tho....I started creating out of fear that the sinus pain'd return and I wouldn't be able to function creatively again!

Anonymous said...

Get a baby aspirator from the drugstore. Boil some water, let it cool, pour it in container, stir in about a tablespoon or more of salt for every litre of water or so (I'm guessing here). Suck up saline solution with aspirator, bend head forward, pinch one nostril and squeeze out the saline solution into other nostril. Do this for each nostril once or twice at a time in the morning and at night. Get a prescription for Pulmincort (come in packets of individual small plastic containers), use a MAD syringe to inject pulmincort into each nostril. This works for me, and I've had 6 sinus surgeries in the past to remove nasal polyps, going blind in one eye as a result from the last one. check this out:

Good luck Robert,
Any questions:

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Good buddy!
Man, I have always felt for you and had a mild understanding of your sinus troubles (I have only had one operation, you've had six and blindness). Mannnn.
I do the saline irrigations and they do help.
I will ask my doc about pulmincourt.
I am on allergy shots which may help my sinus sensitivity to barometric pressure and changes which are worse in Toronto.
How are you?