Monday, November 22, 2010

The Canadian Romantic

I just don't know.
Ever since I got back from LA it's been one thing after another, nothing related to health or money fortunately, but many rejections in all manners and disappointments (the latest: a bailing on the Canned Hamm X Mas show in Vancouver at the last second, let's just say that Canned Hamm is pretty much finished after ten years and I am obviously sad about it). Some say that maybe I am just not being patient about these things (err, my Toronto band has been dormant for a year- is that patient enough?). I do have to be careful to not let my mourning fall into self-pity and victim mentalities. Perhaps the key isn't so much about patience but learning to let go and listen to the universe because I am starting to feel that I am really being told something right now.
That said, while these things happen I still have some perverse masochism to forge ahead on projects (revised proposed title for my book project: "The Lonely Bed").
Here's my latest. "The Canadian Romantic."
Shot and Edited By Craig Irving, bless him.
This is episode one, more to come on a regular basis.
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the iron chic said...

Don't listen to the Universe, nobody ever got anywhere from listening to that cunt.

the iron chic said...

Oh, my comment has to be approved now, well la di da.

the iron chic said...

and LOL at yer vid.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Sorry, I am a screener: too many pricks out there too chicken shit to not be Anonymous that I have to screen!
That said, it's good to have you back in the blogging world!