Sunday, February 28, 2010


What are you doing this Friday? Coffee?

(from Herbie #4, 1964 by Ogden Whitney and Shayne O'Shea)

Here's some Herbie letters pages as well.

Poor Nellie, even aliens who've never before laid eyes on human beings don't find her attractive but why would they? They are aliens!.

But, in a certain light, she's kind of...cute. It might simply be a confidence issue.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hi folks, here's some bits from Herbie #3 that- to my knowledge-have never before been reprinted. For shame! I've elaborated earlier on my total love for Herbie. If you get a chance to read the full length Herbie adventures, do it! It's a must! Cheapo comic and expensive book reprints abound.

I showed these to a gal recently who was pleasantly shocked that such a thing was made. Yes! I know! It's real! It's a real comic book! The best thing about the Herbie letter columns is that Herbie would answer the letters himself! Which means that not only does the Herbie comic exist in our reality but Herbie does, too! "Editor wanted to run this Department with a lot of fancy talk. Had to bop him and take over." Have you ever read a better letter column? Why, it's up there with Abel Ferrera's commentary track for The Driller Killer DVD.

And then there's writer Shayne O'Shea and artist Ogden Whitney's never-talked-about character Nellie No-Date: one note? One page. More sad than funny. She's lonely? Get it? Ha ha ha! Lonely! Are you lonely? Really? Ha ha ha! That's funny! Everyone's lonely! It's so funny! Let's update her for a present day comic adventure where she goes online dating and gets set up with -are you ready for this final panel- a computer! And the computer says- still with me?- , "Does not compute...does not compute." Nellie's left with her hand on her face saying, "Oh dear." Ha ha ha!
Now you might remember Miracle Pictures from that Kitchy Witch adventure I posted from Herbie #2. Well, those Miracle Pictures guys are pricks, they hate women- boycott their movies, picket their studios- actually, Kitchy Witch and her gang did just that but it didn't seem to work, if you have any better ideas, leave a comment, lately I have mentioned to many folks that women seem under-represented in the arts, if you have a solution for that, please comment, I did the whole PC gender studies art school trip in the 90s and I thought things'd be kinda evened out by now-Hello? Gorilla Girls?-but I am totally wrong. What I'm trying to say is that I totally hate Miracle Studios and what they represent!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Fucking sinuses. Head fucking hurts. Can't think straight. Fucking sinus pain. Tried sleeping but neighbour was talking. Head compromises my ability to convey but I'll do my best. Fuck!

I had sinus operation a coupla years or so like three ago. Weird asshole doc didn't tell me nothing. No bedside manner, uncommunicative prick. I thought I'd waltz in and out of there, all la di da-like. He drilled into my skull. Dazed. Deviated septum which is the excuse the Hollywood people use but this was real, nose bent out of shape from being pushed down by the redheaded girl when I was 7 y.o., I called her a cockroach, pushed me down to the ground, I lay in a puddle of my own little boy blood, she felt bad later probably, when she was 13 she got pregnant, 13 man, couldn't have had an easy life, whatever happened to her?, I was 7 in the hospital with my nose broken and I pulled out the long pile of thread which couldn't have helped my later sinus problems, later I'd pick at my nose a lot and it'd bleed, a mattress that looked like alien maps, my Mom would take me to get my nose cauderised (sic) to resolve the issue. They'd burn at the nostrils, close em up deep inside.

This more recent sinus operation with Doctor Prick? Piece of cake, right? My Mother was praying. My close pals Hamm and Mrs. Hamm picked me up from hospital ensured I'd be okay. Dazed. Then that woman I love, she's the ex now, she saw me in pain, that sweet redhead. Dripping sinus pain on her after operation and we'd only recently met then, test of a woman. Couldn't do nothing. But it helped the pain, her, the operation, I was no longer suicidal. My sinus pain used to get so bad that the physical pressure caused mental pressure: it was all LITERALLY in my head and I couldn't escape! The world looked worse to me, everything was worse than it was, dingy, ugly, listless, no use living when I had that pain or when I had those infections but after the operation everything mellowed. I still get pain.

Allergy shots, they help a bit over the long term apparently. So says the specialist who is special. The shots will help sinuses adjust to environmental changes. Sinuses are pockets of air in the skull that can be sensitive to pressure. The cold can be nasty on my sinuses. I first suspected barometric sensitivity ten years ago when I briefly dated a woman, not a redhead, who took me hitchhiking then took me plain ole vanilla hiking four hours up a mountain. We fucked at the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain! But I was listless. Why? Change in air pressure affecting sinuses caused me to be that way. I found it rather peculiar feeling like this, being at the top should be exhilirating! Alas, air pressure defeated me.

I'm in some pain now, not like before tho. Put all projects on hold. I hope it goes away soon as it hinders life enjoyment and being totally mortal I must squeeze as much fullness as possible out of life.

Hamm took this pic after my operation, I had three feet of gauze up each nostril.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey everybody, I took the liberty of adding your name in a letter, hope that's okay.

Dear Mother Earth,

I'm sorry I raped you.



Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi sweety-pies!
Two vids today on the promo-front, promo-back, and sides all over.
First, it's my Demo Reel for acting all acting-like but so naturally that it doesn't look like acting, it's just being! Represented by Liz Hampton at 2SG in Toronto and Jason Ainslie at Principals Talent in Vancouver. Reel made by filmmaker Heather Trawick who is wonderful and did a bang-up job as we looked at what those demo reel pros were doing and stayed away from the cheez (Outkast soundtracks, skipping records, swirling graphics)- she knoooows what she's doing, the proof is in the pudding. Let me show you why I should be some random guy in your 'project'! Yay!
Secundly, here's me performing stand-up at at Nick Flanagan's Joke Club at the Comedy Bar in February, 2010. As filmed by Craig Irving. It's interesting this bit. It was meant to be 'light' and 'conversational' until I realised that I can't see the audience one iota! It was harder to make contact, to act and react with my friends, the unknown people. Totally dark from the stage so my routine took them to darker and gradually angrier places then back again....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The other nite I went to a great art opening of my old pal Shayne Ehman. I miss that guy, so good to see him, a pure soul who doesn't get hung up like I sometimes do on 'making it', naw, he makes it- great art, that is. I hope that while he's here we can do some collabs again.
Anyways, there I was at the opening hanging out with another pal who was feeling social anxiety. Openings at the best of times can do that. Back in Vancouver what I found most artful about art openings was the trajectory of eyes criss-crossing tha room trying to avoid all contact. I was once at a party with a friend who had social anxiety and so I called out, "Who's socially anxious?" and numerous hands shot up. It's a common thing.
I get it, too. People can think that I am so comfy and outward but, I get it. "If I just keep smiling and talk loudly no one will know that my heart is palpatating."
And at this opening I was chuckling to myself, see, this one socially anxious pal, we had some mended fences, for a long time if we saw each other out and about we'd both get socially anxious cuz we weren't talking. But time and maturity and a real implemented obligation for me to keep my side of the street clean solved that and we are quite comfortable.
I was really chuckling to myself because behind this pal at the opening was someone not wanting to talk to me and making me...yup, you got it...socially anxious. I said hi to that person and it was awkward and brief. It was a someone who a few weeks ago gave me nasty mixed signals and I called that person on those signals and was angry via e mail and that was that. See, if someone does screwy stuff to me I call them on it and then do my best not to have it in my life. I don't need drama. "I'm too old for this shit!" Heh heh, but young-ish! I get all cock-eyed at people who say life is a game. Are they going to trivialise life that much? Game over!
In my attempts to not have drama in my life and to call people on their bullshit in a reasonable manner, I still risk new social awkwardness which equals drama. I kinda forgot about that. Haven't really had that in a while as I am on a new path that is trying to be more positive and tries to judge others less. Yet when I see something that is a bunch of phony baloney I call do my best to call it. I'd want others to call me on my bullshit so that I can be a better person. Hmm, how to deal?

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hmm, I feel sluggish, no urges whatsoever, eyes droopy. Where is the charm? Over here? Or there?
Life is okay. It truly is. It's...okay!
When I face rejection I can go, well, I'm just not the one for this and if it's personal I can go, well, these people just ain't fit to fill the shoes of people who have accepted me, so what do I care! And I accept that.
Some things that I have forgotten to mention. I now have a Toronto acting agent, Liz Hampton at 3SG, who I got through my Vancouver agent, the amazing Jason Ainslie at Principals. So far, I scored an audition before the ink was dry and scored the role, it involves being goofy and being an ad whore, so the mantra for this was, "Get seen! Get paid! Get humble!"
FEELINGS, my fabulous evening of soft emotional sounds that included my midnite candlelight recitations is no more for the mo-mo. I had to take it and put it on a hiatus. Both it and the UNVEILING art event that I do with William Davison are looking for good homes. Feel free to contact me if you know or have such an appropriate venue.

The WET DIRT album is in the rough mix stage still, if you are or know of a prospective decent label, we'll gladly send you some songs. Because it's good. And you need it.

I am going to go outside for some air now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Uh oh, short notice but i am doing stand-up as part of Nick Flanagan's Joke club tonite at the comedy Bar (945 Bloor) at 9:45 this Thursday feb 11th....

I've been doing way more stand-up again, man,I haven't done this much stand-up since high school! I went to see stand-up at Laff Sabbath Sunday nite and was asked to perform so I did, just half an hour or so later! And it was fun! I love doing stand-up!
Ahhh stand-up!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


In my zining there was definitely some zines that profoundly inspired me. One of the earliest was Jim, which was self-published at first by Jim Woodring, but I latched on to the first Fantagraphics issue staring at me on a shelf in the Northern BC town that I lived in. I was in high school, I dared myself to buy it. I'd never seen anything like it, it makes sense that I got into Captain Beefheart at the same time. Then I started corresponding with the man and ordering his mail-order art booklets and wildness. Meeting him at the age of 19 profoundly affected me for life, this big bearded cigar-chomping man took me to Robert Crumb's favourite diner The Doghouse. An incredible man. Those issues are reprinted in the Book Of Jim. Alas, some of those mail-order booklets are unavailable. But I am sure he'd put them up somewhere if he wanted to.
So many other zines have inspired me in my zine-making: Rollerderby, Breakfast without Meat (by Gregg Turkington who later became a great friend, we'd do so many projects together and he'd help me out so much, someone should really put these later issues into a book), and ones that I'd later contribute to such as Flatter and Bananafish.
Zines are a very pre-internet force and have even undergone a nice revival. Roctober and Cinema Sewer still come out, God bless em, and a myriad of art booklets pop up in wonderful random ways. Marco Bello put together Nog a Dod, a book that documents that whole West Coast Canuck scene etcetera where we were all making crazee art booklets. I still do my art booklets and see new doozies pop up.

But there's one, one that never gets talked about.

It inspired me to make a new Bunyon zine a buncha years (late 90s?) back after a two-year hiatus and after the whole zine revolution had puttered. It gave me momentum. This gal, Christine Corlett-spelling? unsure- was working at the Good Jacket store (that place sold vintage but also had the craziest shows, the first Canned Hamm show was there). She saw the July Fourth Toilet easter show (where Jason Mclean and Heather Copeland built me a big foam bunny outfit and we played songs about bunnies, one song about Night Of the Lepus, another about shitting eggs, Here comes Peter Cottontail, The Bunny Hop, et al, odd children's music sound that i loved to explore, I may have puked off the side of the stage, and challenged a biker to a fight but he just kept laughing as I pummeled) and dug it so we started talking. Then she showed me her zines. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE TALK ABOUT THESE? Art Hussy they were called and they blew my mind with their freedom. I haven't seen her in years. Where is she? What else has she done? Can anyone fill me in? I hope she's still making art. I only have two issues, wish I had more. That next ish of Bunyon that these art Hussy zines inspired was the best one.
(natch: if you are her and want these images removed, let me know and I will but the world needs to see these)...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comedy 2Nite: Wed Feb 3rd 9 PM

hi folks, gonna perform 2nite, do my Artist Of The Millennium speech methinks, it's part of the monthly Comedy at the Ossington (61 Ossington)...stand-up is fun, I enjoy 'doing' 'it.'

This month hosted by The 'Comedy at the Ossington' LADIES,
SARA HENNESSEY & STEPH KALINER. We are going to deliver all of your babies. And by babies, I mean laughs...

Also on the show:


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well folks, it's been a curious batch of months, even the past week has been filled with life changes. Yet one small thing absorbed all my energy: I encountered a psychic vampire on a matter that is fairly trivial, but it rattled me, it really rattled me and I gave it so much power tho I tried not to, believe me. It's funny, I had so major things happen this week, but empathy and respect were so much a part of these events that it didn't freak me out. Then this one minor little teeny thing in a teeny town in a teeny country happens, anger enters into it, and kabloooie! It sucked up my energy....HOWEVER! It caused me to face some fears and think deeply about things. It's been a few days of talking (venting) with some great people and thinking things out. When certain emotional matters weigh on me, talk can also turn to creative professional practices.
Some of my previous, recent posts veer into whiny turf, I do my best to steer clear of self-pity (a tough thing to do these past few months) and naturally don't always succeed. I'm focusing on why something doesn't make it or might not make it. Trying to find a solution or a way to increase the creative odds. I wrote those last few posts with the unstated understanding of why something I do would make it. I can't enter into victim framework/cycle. As one pal put it, some folks can't even get out of bed due to fear, let alone put themselves out there and be creative. So be grateful for the creative gift and put it to use.
Current need: 'making the industry take notice.'In other words, 'making it.'
I feel good about this new project that I am starting on. Is it a creative breakthrough? We'll know if it sticks to the wall.
In one book I read, written in 1991, the writer was going off about the phrase 'interdisciplinary' and how stupid/lofty it was because, well, most people do have other interests. Unfortunately that term has to come into play more and more because there are plenty of people who are easily confused, they find some frustrating need to ask, "What's your focus?" As a boy, whether writing, drawing, performing or making music, it was all from the same creative place. As an adult I feel the same way. So maybe answering the question with "Being creative" or "Interdisciplinary" isn't so bad.
It's direct.
I'll say it again.
It's direct.
Be direct.
Some advice I have gotten is to gear all your talents to that one thing, have those talents help each other out on that thing.
So I decided to make a book, been refining the ole pitch. Got lots of writing.
Then the amazingly helpful ole pal Marc Bell said, send your lil hand-drawn home-spun Y2K Compatible self-help booklets and olllllld Bunyon zines to that publisher you've been eyeing. I poo-pooed him a bit. I censored myself. I thought that they'd want pure prose, typed out stories, text text text. Then I stopped for a second. My peers are getting books published that are chockful of drawings. These lil mags of mine at their best synthesize humour, drawing, and writing in a strong way that reads true to what I do. When they succeed, they merge talents and if I include a strong universal theme that is happening in my life (by life I mean the best selling genre of humourous creative non-fiction) it could work. I just need to refine it and use my strengths. Much of my stand-up story-telling is dealing with that as well and that could be used to promote it when (not IF) I am touring the book. And maybe there's a way to have music enter the picture too. Throw that in the marketing part of the book proposal.Will the book give me vast riches? Doubtful. How many rich authors do you know? Yes, I want it to make money and I am open to vast riches. But a book can lead to further opportunities as well.
Blogs are thinking aloud, I'm yammering about me, it's my blog, but hopefully this is of some use to you as well. Or it could just be the nonsensical natterings of a crazy person.
Some pseudonymous soul recently countered in the comments section with, "You're not marketable." The crazy thing is that I've been reading so much, biographies et al, about artists who marched to the beat of their own drum who had to hear that statement for years on end (ie, Chester Gould, Willie Nelson, Matt Groening)then finally something hit for them.
Time to back all that up with some more work, a few pages are done, more need to get done and be better....
The funny thing is that I moved to a new city to make things happen for me career-wise and people can make books no matter where one resides. I will still use and be open to the opportunities that this city can provide me with and, of course, all of you sweethearts that I encounter. I mean, I won't use you. I mean, I'll be there for you. I mean. Oh never mind, you know what I mean.