Thursday, May 27, 2010


I never did post the entire series, here they are and, yes, they are for sale. They measure app. 3 feet by 2 feet.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Leslie, My Name is Evil is opening this Friday May 21st in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver!!!
It is playing at the AMC at Yonge and Dundas - 10 Dundas Street in Toronto, AMC Forum 22 in Montreal and The Cinemark in Vancouver.
I have a role in it as a slimy juror. I was originally named Henry until I told Reg, the director, that no one in the movie even calls me Henry. Oops! Shoulda kept my mouth shut- 'ponytailed juror' don't look as good in the credits! And I was only ponytailed cuz I was promised a fee haircut on set and they ran out of time! Ha!
See it soon as it may be only playing a week or so cuz it ain't from Hollywood.
Also this Sunday May 23rd at The Rivoli, 332 Queen West, at 9 pm, I'll be doing a new character called The Romantic for The Loner Show. It's the night of solo comedy without stand-up. I'm really looking forward to doing this character and the bill as usual has some really strong performers for only 5 bux...
The bill is featuring:
Hunter Collins
Robert Dayton
David Dineen-Porter
Nick Flanagan
Andrew Iwanyk
Kevin Lee
Chris Locke
Kathleen Phillips
Jared Sales
Graham Wagner
and Hosted by Brian Barlow


Photos that Clancy Dennehy took of me in my cat sweaters.
It was taken then never used for an article on sentimental fashion objects for some Canadian fashion mag. The article ran sans pics. Another mag was gonna re-use the article but I dunno what happened. Should I run it here?
This is 2002?2003? I was experimenting with a pencil-thin at the time (mixing up the 'stache) but it's tooo high maintenance, if you don't shave every 3 hours it looks nasty and you need an eyebrow pencil to highlight it (a tip that John Waters has written about somewheres).
Anyways these sweaters were knit from a Mary Maxim pattern by my Mother and given to me over ten years ago. I still regularly wear them. The pink one is of my childhood cat Precious. My Mother under-recognizes some of her own talents (she's also a really good writer, I used to run a column of her TV Movie Reviews in The Drippy Gazette). Clancy interviewed her at length for a never completed documentary on July Fourth Toilet.
Sadly she can't knit anymore due to arthritis.


Found while filming a European eyewear ad in Mackenzie, B.C.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This may be my most favourite Bob Bolling tale yet. Your heart will murmur. Bolling created Little Archie but his stories in the early issues were far different and far more nuanced than the later oft-reprinted adventures. This one comes from The Adventures Of Little Archie #22 from 1962.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Found this old children's book in some sorta thrift shop somewhere sometime ago,it's inspiring...