Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Fourth Toilet- jody’s Back Show (Ms. T’s May 22 1999)

jody had disappeared from July Fourth Toilet for a while. A ritual was held to bring him back.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Bzzzy days...
This Thursday I am part of a Nirvana trib at The Silver Dollar singing a song.
Then Friday at the Comedy Bar The Canadian Romantic opens for Neil Hamburger! Get tix before it sells out! He's in town for two nites with Nick Flanagan but I will only be on the Friday bill....
....because my rock band WET DIRT plays its' first show with new mine-up opening for The Bon's album release with The Weirdies. On at 10:30. Bovine Sex Club.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New video by The Canadian Romantic: so much mail

The Mailman shows up and is sad. Are you sad?
He will also be opening for Neil Hamburger at The Comedy Bar, Friday July 15th, Toronto.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last FEELINGS for a while.

Tuesday july 5th, The Beaver 1192 Queen West, 9ish PMish

is the last FEELINGS for a while, I have to take a ME-ternity leave

...but I was just in Montreal so I'll be playing some new records, yayyy! Prizes and projections by Eyesore, the neatest video store!
Midnite candlelight recitation by The Canadian Romantic...

FEELINGS is the creme brulee (but made with warm salty tears) of DJ nites.

"I do this for you, there is nothing else like this, the mood of the room is shaped by what I provide, I am so honed like a beam of light that the Midnight Candlelight Recitation will be intensely fashioned and crafted going to` places unexpected. I will make love to you with my voice and soul and musical selections, I don't care who you are, NO COVER but the cover of night.Your life energies need us, this is a nice city but a tad stiff, it needs a massage, my hands can do that, lower, lower, lower, lower....
My Midnight Candlelight recitation is always a hit with the people! What are recitations? Intense spoken reflections of the soul in a romantic manner. We are here to help you get through this mortal life. Have a request? I will fulfill you in a voice that has been trained and honed from the deepest core of my being. Close your eyes? Is this a record? No, it's me talking to you right now, there'll be records after."
FEELINGS is a special night where we spin music that you probably won’t normally hear. A boutique mix of :
With a midnight candlelight night recitation by The Canadian Romantic

This will be ...special.