Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Canned Hamm Oct 9! July Fourth Toilet 20th anniversary Oct 16 in Vancouver! New Hank video!

Canned Hamm is playing The Fox Cabaret on Oct 9, Thursday!!!! Vancouver! With Talent Time! Come!

And then on Thursday Oct 16 July fourth Toilet is playing our 20th Anniversary Show as part of Wrongwave!!!! Jason Mclean is making my costume right now! many members who haven't played with us in ages performing!!!! jody Susan Soressa my brother Frank!!!! Check the link:

Oh, and here's a new Hank video that I am in:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Where can you order NEW HORIZZZONS' incense and EP? From the amazing distributor Tedium House!!! (you can also get Points Gray and July Fourth Toilet vinyl here as well)...extremely limited quantities so order away!:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Montreal! Kid Power Book launch! NEW HORIZZZONS!

If you are in Montreal on Sunday, July 20th I will be there for this^ as I have a chapter in it on Stinky and am excited to be a part of it....
"KID POWER Book Launch, Screening and Cereal Buffet!
Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal Canada
Sunday, July 20 – 1:30pm
J.A. DeSeve Cinema (at Maisonneuve & MacKay on the Concordia campus)
Fantasia is proud to host the world premiere launch of Spectacular Optical’s first anthology book, Kid Power! – all about cool, tuff and inspiring kids in cult film and television.  Co-edited by Kier-La Janisse and Canuxploitation’s Paul Corupe and featuring writing by a diverse array of genre film criticism’s most unique voices, Kid Power! covers the gamut from The Peanut Butter Solution to The ABC Afterschool Special and the dark side of Disney. And tons more! The launch will be accompanied by a rare 35mm screening of Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) and a FREE cereal buffet!
Buying in person will save you both on shipping and on the cover price, as we’ll be selling the books on-site for a special price of $25.00 CAD! We’ll have T-shirts for sale too, and maybe even some KENNY skateboard decks!"

As well,  my band NEW HORIZZZONS ***MTL release for our "Trial By Fire" EP/incense***
Playing with Tang Soleil and Babysitter at l'Escogriffe Bar Spectacle.
 Sat, July 25, 10 pm!
4467 Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2L2
Morrrre on this soon...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Letter (The Canadian Romantic)

I've been negligent. Done so much yet posted so little. It's called getting older (or instagram...or twitter). New video by The Canadian Romantic. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Canadian Distribution: Wyrd Distro

At last ! Canadian distro for the July Fourth Toilet and Points Gray LP's...! 
July Fourth Toilet:
This wild album -THE MOST AMAZING DISAPPOINTING SECOND ALBUM EVER-Roctober compared it to Jack Kirby's 4th is a journey of thrills: with art booklet and download code now has Canadian distro through Weird Canada and you can order it HERE! (and even listen)

This album is close to out of print, ltd. edition 500 copies with download code. Full colour gloss cover, high quality vinyl manufactured in the Czech Republic, mastering by Josh Stevenson at Cast Exotic, an art booklet with art by July Fourth Toilet members and collaborators as Jason Mclean, Owen Plummer, Mark Delong, Julian Lawrence, Ben Jacques,  jody franklin, Robert Dayton, more...   From July Fourth Toilet, Canada's wildest and most unpredictable band ever, Vancouver based, established 1994 with a mandate to never do the same show twice, always changing, always shifting, numerous members that have ranged in age from 8 to 80. Veering from the cosmic to the personal, from heavy boogie to visions in sound, the album goes all over the map due to obstacles being set up prior to recording.

"What do I say of a reprobate eight man/one woman ensemble (one man/woman, four longhairs, two ska dudes & a Mexican!) that just delivered 13 songs of extreme diversity, ranging from Death C&W to Soviet-powered Detroit Space Rock, via wonderfully excruciating mush-mouthed male-female Vow Renewals and Sober’d Up confessionals. For fans of Destroy All Monsters (all periods, kiddies), Armand Schaubroeuk Steals, the Afrika Corps, BALLS BOOGIE rescues several Long Dead musical genres from the Straights and slams them out eins, zwei, and drei, without so much as a soundcheck..... Search out this hot slab pronto, Tonto, and check out those front men while yooz at it! Ooer, missus!" 
- Julian Cope, Head Heritage, 2009 ...:

Melodramatic hallucinatory downer damage recorded in the late ’90s by Robert Dayton (July Fourth Toilet, Canned Hamm, The Canadian Romantic), Dan Bejar (Destroyer, the New Pornographers) and Julian Lawrence (July Fourth Toilet). Melodic and troubled with a playful fear of death. Freaky despair. With liner notes by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (From Jamaica To Toronto), and free download coupon. As well as an art and lyric booklet. Edition of 500.

Terrascope review: "...although they played live as AIDS, has an undeniable power in its lo-fi Folk Noire ramblings. A voice all its own that will either enthral you or grate with you, I can't imagine much in between. Personally, it has a taken a couple of plays before my ear tuned in, but I am glad it did, as songs such “Echo Power” and “People  Hate You In This Town” contain the same sardonic lyricism as The Velvets whilst being oddly constructed in a Syd Barrett, Skip Spence kinda way. Featuring future members of Wet Dirt, July 4th Toilet, and The New pornographers, the music is acoustic, reasonably free-form and is more uneasy than easy listening, although there are hidden depths to be discovered, pockets of beauty and a strange sense of stillness at its core. "

Both albums also available via Tedium House:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spectacular Optical Book One: KID POWER!

Check this! I wrote on Stinky from the Abbott and Costello show for this book: "Spectacular Optical Book One: KID POWER! The 1st edition of Kier-La Janisse's book series of themed film writing anthologies, this time covering cult kid's TV & film, has a brand-new Kickstarter Campaign with perks including tix to Fantasia (Montreal), tix to CineFamily (LA), badges to Fantastic Fest (Austin), Kier-La and Canuxploitation's Paul Corupe programming a festival IN YOUR HOUSE (Toronto), Jacob Two-Two "Child Power!" T-shirts, and a frickin' KENNY skateboard designed by Jay Shaw (Death Waltz album covers). Only $15 to get the KID POWER book with our Indiegogo campaign! We have 30 DAYS starting today! Essays and interviews by me, Paul Corupe, Zack Carlson, Cheryl Singleton, Bret Berg, Owen Williams, Chris Alexander, Robin Bougie, Robert Dayton, Jesse Hawthorne Ficks, Briony Kidd, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Craig Martin! Topics from Canada, the US, Australia, the UK and beyond! Everything from ABC Afterschool Specials to horror-kid Nicoletta Elmi!"

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recombinant Creativity

The Canadian Romantic is lecturing at this conference on Friday afternoon at 2:40 PM sharp in downtown Toronto (205 Richmond Street, Room 7301) and it is FREE...
Link here:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Canada Goose Arctic Program

Brand new The Canadian Romantic video has a message to The Canada Goose Arctic Program

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Oh hi. Grrrreat news …for me and those who have to be around me. I am 99 percent free of allergies, thanks to being on allergy shots the past few years! It worked and I am a much more bearable person to be around - I think. I still have bad sinus problems when there is rain (sorry Vancouver) and barometric pressure changes but it worked! IT WORKED!

 I will be in Toronto performing as The Canadian Romantic on Saturday, February 15th at Double Double Land (209 Augusta, alleyway then up the stairs).

Info here:
We have decided to throw a different kind of Valentines party. One that combines:
-Romance (which with everything said above, we are very into)
-Satanic and darknessvibes
-General horror themed spookiness
-Prom night (Like that Jamie Lee Curtis one)

The night's itinerary includes:
-A very special performance by Toronto’s own man about town The Canadian Romantic
-Eerie & sulty projections by Brandon Dalmer

-Ultra fun dance party, with all vinyl vallo-wave-weirdness provided by Omega Cat & Co. (June Records dudes)
-HEARTBREAKER Pinata’s filled with candy and condoms (cuz yeah) created by B.L.O.T.
-COSTUME CONTEST trophies made by Vanessa Rieger.
(prizes also include t-shirts & vinyl courtesy June & Pleasence Records)
-Magical decorations & photo booth dripping in romantical oozyness by Simon Schlesinger & Sarah Kilpack with photos by Sarah Bodri

‡ ‡ ‡ ♥ ♥ ♥ Adv Tix ♥ ♥ ♥ ‡ ‡ ‡
Advance tickets available from Monday Feb 3rd at June Records cash only, guaranteed entry + first refreshment $8.

Check this great poster, I think Julia Dickens made it:

Monday, January 13, 2014

up to dayton

I should really get a website going. No really. so all my music, performance, pen and ink, writing projects are easily findable, hell, even a CV so I look 'legit' or whatever that word is.
I just got an Instagram. therobertdayton
Go find me. same as my Twitter
Mostly jokes and things that spur me, move me, fascinate.
Oh, and The Canadian Romantic winking pics are back in stock at Magic Pony, Likely general, if you are a store and want to carry them, drop me a line. They are on my etsy as well.
Just made some more vids, hopefully up in coming months.
Julian cope compared to a band to July fourth Toilet...after 20 years we made it, ha ha!

Wow, this year is our 20th anniversary! Since we played the  artschool ball hockey tournament. And now I am back in art school ! whoah!
Hainey said some kind words here as well about me, love that sweety:

No images today, tired eyes.

Friday, January 10, 2014