Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FEELINGS presents: Children's music edition, Tuesday May 24th!

TONITE! 9 pm- 1 am! sooo excited!
My collection of children's music is simply too large so I have selected the WILDEST stuff !!!!
There'll be cookies plus: a midnite candlelight Recitation by The Canadian Romantic!

Robert Dayton Junior presents: FEELINGS: Children's Music Edition
Yes, we will be getting way out and into the dementia of old Children's records with their technical innovations, free expression, and even their curious religious viewpoints!
Note: RAFFI free zone!
DJ Body Beautiful will spin the electronic wizardry of Raymond Scott and Bruce Haack; the production wildness of Spike Jones and David Seville; the charming grace and wit of Jim Copp and Ed Brown; the shoddy, drunken puppetry of Funtown; the fuzz guitar super hero themed explosions of The Super Dupers; the Christian country Chipmunks rip offs of Floyd Robinson's Charlie The Hamster and friends; the bubblegum glam of Rock Fantasy and Clyde The Guitar Playing Elephant; the anti-abortion messages of Little Marky...and more!

Note: this event is 19 and over, children shouldn't hear some of this music anyways...it's disturbing (especially Little Markie)
Projections and Prizes by Eyesore Video!
No cover but blankies!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For those who want MP3s of July Fourth Toilet's highly regarded 2nd album (with links to how to get the vinyl), it can be had for any price including FREE!, note: the first half of the album is verrry different from the second half, more surprises will be posted soon:http://julyfourthtoilet.bandcamp.com

Feel free to feel free and to tell any interested parties.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

July Fourth Toilet Rock n Roll Show Nov 13th, 1998

July Fourth Toilet Rock n Roll Show Nov 13th, 1998 Some folks on here didn’t know me in the olde days and wonder what I was like…heh heh…here’s one of the worst. Enjoy! Rated PG. The nudity has been blurred.

The insufferable frontman gets so drunk that he has a black out on stage. One of the messier July Fourth Toilet shows.
Their next show was an Apology show, a romantic pop set that apologised for this one with a fruit basket and corsage for one lucky audience member (Evan Symons).

For those not in the know, July Fourth Toilet is an act we formed in 1994 in Vancouver with a mandate of no 2 shows the same, this show’s theme was Rock n Roll. Almost all songs had Rock in the title except for Henske/Yester’s Snowblind et al…this was a more pared down line-up, vids currently on YouTube and future YouTube posts will show some different folks in the band. Our last shows were at The Vancouver Art gallery and Pub 340 for our 2nd album Balls Boogie (available through Art Metropole’s site click here )…we will play again one day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'll wipe your tears, Canada....

(Though this may just be a sign from God to leave the country, can I take it as a personal sign aimed directly at me?)...

Sometimes I feel that I can relate to a vast majority of people then an election reminds me that I really just live in an easily pierced bubble that doesn't even make a neat sound when it does get pierced.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Today is the day where you can either vote for a Harper Government or a Canadian Government.