Monday, January 13, 2014

up to dayton

I should really get a website going. No really. so all my music, performance, pen and ink, writing projects are easily findable, hell, even a CV so I look 'legit' or whatever that word is.
I just got an Instagram. therobertdayton
Go find me. same as my Twitter
Mostly jokes and things that spur me, move me, fascinate.
Oh, and The Canadian Romantic winking pics are back in stock at Magic Pony, Likely general, if you are a store and want to carry them, drop me a line. They are on my etsy as well.
Just made some more vids, hopefully up in coming months.
Julian cope compared to a band to July fourth Toilet...after 20 years we made it, ha ha!

Wow, this year is our 20th anniversary! Since we played the  artschool ball hockey tournament. And now I am back in art school ! whoah!
Hainey said some kind words here as well about me, love that sweety:

No images today, tired eyes.

Friday, January 10, 2014