Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Canadian Romantic at Jason Mclean art opening: London Ontario Saturday Nov 7, Michael Gibson Gallery

Friends, after taking part in the delightful Guelph launch at eBar of Publication Studios Guelph's book  “The Ecstasy and the Void: An Introduction to the Occult of Mulagi” ( the world’s first compendium of the apocryphal lore and mystery surrounding the Serbian folk-hero, Mulagi. Sayings, fragments of stories, and unearthed poems have been brought to life in twenty-four original artworks by twenty-four original artists from across the globe ...including me) where The Canadian Romantic hosted and even ran a confessional booth (so many dark secrets), The Canadian Romantic is now jet setting to briefly perform in London, Ontario, birthplace of the concept of 'cosmic consciousness' (Richard Bucke, 1871) for my long-time friend and collaborator Jason Mclean's art opening of new drawings "Son of a Salesman." If you haven't seen Jason's work you should, colourful magickal text subconscious imagery springing forth making humourous connections....
Saturday, 8 pm, Nov 7, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario

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